Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

​Looking for the best bean to cup coffee machines? You have come to the right place! There have been numerous inventions in the last decade only to make the life of a working person a little easier by eliminating the work required for necessities by substituting machines.

The one thing that keeps all of us going from 9-5, and even after that for hours, is the majestic legal drug we call coffee. Most of us cannot even fathom the idea of beginning a day or starting a load of work without chugging a whole brewed cup of pure coffee.
Like many other appliances in our kitchen, man invented these handy little fantastic machines that can brew the freshest cup of coffee within minutes just by a push of a button.

Because of their huge demand, the whole market is filled with various options when it comes to the best bean to cup coffee machines. So, to help you guys figure out the best coffee machine to couple with your kitchen appliances, we scoured through the internet to find the best bean to cup coffee machines in the market. Now you can get a barista-quality freshly brewed cup of coffee every morning in the comfort of your own home!

Our Overall #1 Recommended Product

Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine
  • ​Great Features
  • ​Programmable settings 
  • ​Temperature control

Top 10 ​Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Comparison Chart

Detailed Reviews of the 10 Best ​Bean to Cup Coffee Machines


Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine

​From a list of critically selected excellent machines, this Gaggia Anima Coffee machine has managed to top our charts with the most advanced features. The manual frothing wand that can create the perfect barista-style coffee makes it very alluring.

The smart sensor on this coffee maker lets you assess the amount of milk and coffee that remains in the system. The programmable feature enables the operator to choose their favorite grind and temperature option for their daily espresso dose.

The two-year warranty also ensures that if the machine ever malfunctions, you can contact the manufacturer and get it repaired. With the programmable function, temperature control, easy maintenance options, warranty, and the frothing want, there is practically no difference left between a professional barista's machine and this one.

Bottom Line

​Purchasing this coffee maker is probably the best way to spend your money while upgrading your kitchen. This coffee maker, with its advanced technology and spectacular features, has the ability to one-up your kitchen style and provide you with the perfect cup of coffee simultaneously.


  • ​Manual frothing wand
  • ​Programmable settings
  • ​Temperature control
  • ​2-year warranty


  • ​Big size


Jura 15070 E6 Automatic Coffee Center

​While this Jura 15070 E6 is priced on the higher side, it justifies the cost you have to pay for it by crossing every other machine in excellence. The use of the best technology and multiple features make this coffee maker very enticing.

The unique option of eight different coffee strength levels helps you choose just the right amount of strength you want from your personalized cup of coffee.
The additional bean grinder on the machine enables you to grind your coffee as finely as you would like. The coffee maker is virtually noiseless.

Bottom Line

​This coffee maker is the most customizable coffee machine ever as it gives you six unique drink options, eight different strength levels, and the pulse extraction of coffee grounds.

The programmable feature learns your preference, so you don't have to work it out every day. The quiet function, warranty, and return policy are more calming to our nerves than birds singing.


  • ​Smart controls
  • ​Quiet function
  • ​Eight coffee strength levels
  • ​Six special drink options
  • ​Low wastage of coffee


  • ​Expensive
  • ​No frothing wand


Breville the Barista Pro BES878

​The Breville Barista Pro has integrated the latest technology in itself. With this product, you get an amazing virtual interface that helps you make the perfect cup of coffee.
Anytime you want something apart from your regular dose of espresso, all you have to do is input the instructions on display to make the perfect cup of latte or cappuccino.

Even though the Breville BES878 does not have a frothing wand, it makes up for that by producing steamed milk that creates microfoam to give you a chance to get creative with your latte.

The best feature of this machine is that it has a good quality conical burr grinder to grind your coffee beans perfectly. It also saves a lot of your time as it only takes up to three minutes to fully heat your coffee and milk so you can be on the road without any delay.

Bottom Line

​The limited-time it takes to provide you with excellent quality coffee with a friendly virtual LCD interface system that guides a newbie into the world of owning barista-style coffee machines makes it perfect.


  • ​LCD interface to guide through every step
  • ​Needs only 3 seconds to heat up
  • ​Integrated grinder
  • ​Portafilter


  • ​Large size
  • ​No frothing wand


De'Longhi ESAM3300

​If you want an easy to maintain and advanced coffee maker within a limited budget, this machine is a perfect fit for you. Replacing the frothing wand, this DeLonghi' ESAM2300 entails a piece of equipment that mixes up steam and milk inside the machine that produces rich, creamy cappuccinos.

The patented coffee compartment makes it extremely easy to use and easy to clean up as well because it does not require any type of chemical cleanup. Just like its automatic coffee-producing feature, it cleans up itself in detail after being programmed to do so.

For only one filling of the 8.8-ounce container, this spectacular machine makes fourteen cups of coffee.

After remaining unused for three hours, this machine automatically shuts its system down, so you don't have to worry about leaving the device on while being at work. The most appealing aspect is its ability to self-clean its ducts with the help of plain water after you remove the coffee grounds from the container.

Bottom Line

​This coffee maker has a programmable feature that inputs your data once and for all, so you don't have to give it instructions every day. You will definitely like using this excellent bean to cup coffee maker.


  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​3-hour automatic shut down
  • ​Integrated bean grinder
  • ​14 cups outcome for one filling


  • ​Requires cleaning after every 72 hours


BOSCARE Programmable Coffee Maker

​This coffee machine is a little different from the ones that we discussed earlier. It has a simple glass kettle that can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher with all of your other kitchen supplies. The aroma and strength of the coffee it brews depends upon the type of coffee grounds you put into it.

It is a simple coffee machine and is an inexpensive option for people who can compromise on the range of functions a modern coffee maker offers. The glass of the kettle, the non-stick hot plate, 2-hour auto shut down, and the 12 cups of coffee it produces calls for a round of applause from our side.

Bottom Line

​The coffee maker maintains its integrity of being an excellent coffee machine by brewing the perfect cup of coffee without fancy equipment.


  • ​Completely programmable
  • ​Settings can be placed 24-hour in advance
  • ​Removable filter basket for cleanup
  • ​Dishwasher safe
  • ​2-hour automatic shut-off


  • ​Permanent filter
  • ​Only one brewing option


Breville BES990BSSUSC Oracle Touch

​If we describe this spectacular piece of machinery in a few words, it will not justify this magnificent coffee maker. An advanced user interface is the first thing you will notice as it not only gives you 5 pre-saved options to brew a cup of coffee but also lets you experiment with different choices and create a combination of your own and then gives you an option to save that combo.

The fact that the engineers of Breville oracle touch thought about the optimal water temperature and pressure that coffee beans should be exposed to is impressive in itself. This feature is auto-adjustable, so you don't have to do any extra work. The low power usage and the ultra-modern settings make this the perfect coffee maker.

Bottom Line

​With the double espresso boiler and thermal stability heat exchanger, it is the perfect coffee maker.  The high-quality stainless steel and self-cleaning feature attract all coffee enthusiasts who have a taste for high-class coffee with little maintenance.


  • ​Integrated burr grinder
  • ​Creates commercial style coffee
  • ​Digital temperature control
  • ​Water overpressure valve
  • ​Steam wand
  • ​Self-cleaning
  • ​Customizable settings
  • ​2-year warranty


  • ​Extremely expensive


De'Longhi ECAM23460S

​If you are looking for a product that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then you should give De'Longhi a look. This coffee makers' self-cleaning feature takes out all the dirt thoroughly after you extract the bean compartment.

The coffee maker has Smart Technology with various programmable features and input options for your choice of coffee and has an automatic indicator for when your machine needs to be cleaned.

Bottom Line

​This auto-programmed coffee machine can become the best addition to your kitchen family. The coffee machine is definitely worth the cost.


  • ​Warming plate
  • ​Conveniently cleaned
  • ​Two coffee dispenser hoses
  • ​Lattecrema system


  • ​Slightly expensive
  • ​Takes up a lot of counter space


Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

​Everyone wants a cup of coffee strong enough to get them through the day, and you don't need a fancy espresso machine for that. A simple coffee machine like this one is pretty useful as it has options for customization in its limited capacity by allowing you to either create a large batch (12 cups) of coffee or a small concentrated (4 cups) of coffee to enjoy at one time.

You can program all of it 24-hour in advance to add more convenience to your routine. The hot plate, stainless steel, and easily cleanable glass water reservoir add up for just the right coffee machine.

Bottom Line

​This coffee maker, even though a more straightforward option, has our complete confidence in being one of the best at doing what it was made to do in a perfect, old-fashioned way.


  • ​24-hour programmable feature
  • ​Removable water reservoir
  • ​Adjustable warming plate
  • ​Permanent filter


  • ​Expensive 
  • ​Cleaning inner ducts is difficult


Breville BES500BSS

​The inclusive portafilter and the digital temperature control features are not available in this price range, but Breville went above and beyond to create a coffee machine for people with a tight budget.

It only takes three seconds to heat the perfectly brewed cup of espresso just under the right temperatures with the help of digital temperature control.

Bottom Line

​If you are always in a hurry but still like to drink your coffee a certain way and have a very slim budget for luxuries like this, then this is the machine that will be perfect for you.


  • ​Inexpensive for an espresso machine
  • ​Pre-infusion
  • ​Digital temperature control
  • ​Inclusive of Portafilter


  • ​Not a lot of programmable options


Breville BES840XL/A

​Breville never fails to deliver in terms of affordable options when it comes to coffee machines. You can expect nothing but excellence from this coffee machine even at this affordable price.

The PID water temperature control and auto-purge give off just the right temperature and quality of coffee every time.

There aren't a lot of programmable features, but the digital temperature control and the overall quality of work and material used in this machine are applaudable.

Bottom Line

​With the range of accessories that accompany this coffee machine, it might be the coolest under such a tight budget.


  • ​Inexpensive 
  • ​Digital temperature control of water
  • ​Portafilter
  • ​Volumetric control
  • ​Auto purge system


  • ​Uses a lot of power
  • ​Only 61-ounce capacity

Buyer's Guide

​It can get quite confusing to select a single appliance from all of the fantastic machines available in the market. To make the buying process more straightforward, there are some features that you need to look at to ensure you buy the perfect product.

Let’s take a look at them.

​Types of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

​There are two categories of coffee machines; one is the more straightforward kind that only produces liquid coffee. The second more astonishing kind is the barista-quality machine that can give you any type of coffee from latte to cappuccino in a couple of minutes with the simplest of ingredients.

​Blending Power

​The coffee beans have to be blended precisely to a specific degree in order to produce the perfect cup of coffee. A quality coffee maker should have different blending options for people to choose from to get their perfect cup of coffee.

​Ease of Use

​Another important feature of coffee makers is their ease of use. We have hectic routines and can’t spend a lot of time giving instructions to the coffee maker. Make sure that you buy the product that works with a minimal amount of user input.

​Variety of Coffees

​We gave you a peek earlier about the types of beverages you can expect from a coffee machine. There are simple coffee makers that use coffee beans and give you a plain cup of coffee. However, there are various kinds of coffee makers that give you the option to choose the type of coffee you want.

​Smart Control System

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

​Everything around us is a smart device from the air conditioning systems to your laptops and mobile devices. To keep up with the pace of technology, the companies manufacturing these coffee machines have upgraded these simpler machines into smart devices as well.

The most advanced ones have the ability to store the past information of coffee concentration and grind details and produce your favorite cup of coffee instantly.


​While we want all of the luxuries in the world, it is not possible to cramp up so many appliances into one functional kitchen and still have space to do the cooking. Make sure that you get a bean to the coffee machine that fits in your kitchen easily.


​We keep utilizing machinery in our homes to increase our comfort level no matter how much fossil fuels have to burn to produce that energy.

We should opt for machines that run on lower voltage and require less power to run. These new models of coffee machines utilize to make sure that you don’t have to pay extra money in lieu of energy bills.

​Quality of Coffee

​We have explained numerous times that the quality of liquid coffee you get depends upon the quality of coffee beans or coffee grounds you put into the machine. But another aspect that matters is the ability of the device to steam the coffee grounds and compress them enough to produce the perfectly amazing cup of coffee.


After serving a complete family with coffee for the entire day, a coffee maker is bound to produce some waste. But we expect the waste to be limited to the coffee grounds that have been coarsely used, and just a filter in case of machines that require a disposable filter. Any machine that disposes of viable coffee without utilizing it is not acceptable at all.


​Well, we purchase these machines to reduce the burden on our shoulders of working to make a smooth cup of coffee every morning. But like any other machine, these coffee makers also require regular cleaning and maintenance, or soon your coffee might start to taste like tar.

It is helpful when the cleaning process can be limited to just cleaning the coffee container as the advanced machines have a self-cleaning feature.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


​We have always been a proponent of customers' rights, especially with the frauds that happen under the umbrella of online shopping. Often the products break down during transportation, and in that scenario, a person has no other option just to file a complaint and wait for a response.

To save you guys from this burden and soothe your conscience, the products we reviewed for you above have warranties from the manufacturers that last for multiple years.


​With the looming recession and humongous tax cuts from the worker's paychecks, we can barely put aside enough money to buy for ourselves the things we desire the most. Considering the economic conditions, the manufacturers have provided several options in the market from cheap to costly coffee machines.

The prices tend to get higher with additional features. Keep in mind the money you will have to spend buying a coffee cup from your local coffee house every day. By comparing the costs of coffee cups purchased every day, you will see that you will save a lot of money in the long run by buying a coffee maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. Can these coffee machines make barista-style Frappuccinos as well?

A. The more advanced machines can produce the base of Frappuccinos that can be made with milk, cream, and coffee only. If you want to go a little extra, you can add whipped cream on top to complete the package.

​Q. Are these bean to cup coffee machines a suitable gift?

A. If the person you are choosing a gift for loves to drink coffee and spends a considerable sum of money on purchasing coffee every day, then probably this can become the best gift of their life.

​Q. Is it worth it to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a coffee machine?

A. If you are a coffee addict and cannot fathom to start your day without it but also have an elite sense of taste, then it is worth it to buy a good coffee maker.


​At one point in our lives, everyone wishes to own a coffee machine that will save loads of bucks from being spent on a fancy cup of coffee by permanently purchasing a bean to cup coffee machines of their own.

We have provided you with a detailed list of features that will help you buy the best bean to cup coffee machine of your dreams in your price range. Let’s hope that you find one that suits your needs.

Happy Drinking, People!