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​Looking for the Best Deck Boxes? You have come to the right place! Almost all of us fancy a home with a backyard or an apartment with a balcony where one can sit comfortably and enjoy the presence of nature amidst our hectic technological life.

Nowadays, this routine where we work all day and night to be able to afford the necessities is sucking the life out of us.

Thankfully these small breaks under the open sky and bright sunlight with nature all around us give us a chance to heal. Most of us try to get comfortable on patio chairs that are as hard as a rock, so to make them comfortable; we need cushions and pillows.

But once we are done taking that break, the accessories start to pile up and become a burden for storage as well as cleaning up becomes extremely hard. To bring an easy solution for the storage of things when you are out on your patio, we have the best deck boxes.

These miracle storage devices have the ability to enclose all of your outdoor belongings into one little box, which can also be used to make an extra sitting space for extra company.

To learn more about the best deck boxes in the market these days, check out our top 10 product reviews that have been selected only on the basis of excellence, compare them easily with other products with the help of the table below.

And if still, you want to learn more, read about the essential features of deck boxes in our buying guide.

Let's get started.

Our Overall #1 Recommended Product

Patiomore Wicker Deck Box
  • ​Durable
  • ​Large Storage Space
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Rustproof

Top 10 ​Deck Boxes Comparison Chart

Detailed Reviews of the 10 Best ​Deck Boxes


Patiomore Wicker Deck Box

​This specific deck box is termed the best overall because we saw the highest number of positive reviews about this. The 120-gallon storage capacity can hold anything from your cushions to yard tools and even foldable furniture. The versatility in holding products like grill supplies and gardening items makes it an all-time favorite.

We care about the money that any customer spends on a product we recommend, so the first thing we noticed is its durability. This particular deck box is made with a waterproof resin. There are no holes in the box, so nothing can reach inside and damage your valuables.

People who value the fancy patio furniture and accessories they have bought can benefit from it the most as it safely encloses those valuables in a safe space where even a water drop cannot destroy them.

Bottom Line

​If you have a lot of stuff with not a lot of space to store them safely out on the deck, then it's about time you invest in this fantastic deck box. It has the ability to solve all your problems within a set price range successfully.


  • ​Storage capacity: 120 gallon
  • ​Waterproof resin
  • ​Rustproof
  • ​Padlock space on the lid


  • ​Only one size available
  • ​No color options


Suncast 22 Gallon Java Deck Box

​This fantastic piece of furniture can be placed anywhere and can be used as a storing space for different types of supplies, let be kitchen or gardening.

The material used in its construction does not allow any rust to settle in and resists fading, so the look retains its stylishness for years, even under strenuous conditions.

The hinged joint on the lid helps the box become more accessible and throws away any dust or rain if accumulated on the top so nothing can enter the box to ruin your belongings, and that makes it the most customer-friendly deck box.

Bottom Line

​People with a need for storage space not only out on the deck but in their kitchen, garage, or yard can extract the most benefit from it as its versatility calls for anything to be stored in it easily.


  • ​Water-resistant construction material
  • ​Can be used to store any type of material
  • ​Practical functionality
  • ​Lightweight


  • ​Small size 
  • ​Only stores limited objects


HYD-Parts Outdoor Wicker Deck Box

​The large storage capacity makes it most favorite because, in this way, people are able to store anything from children's toys to their grills into one handy storage box. The large size also calls for more sitting space and that is a customer's all-time favorite feature.

The UV protection and water-resistant coating on this patio storing box make it our all-time favorite as it resists rust and maintains its integrity for a more extended period.

This deck box is easy to assemble with lockable lids and constructed with heat and water-resistant plastic to make it more durable and a comfortable space to sit on while enjoying the weather.

Bottom Line

​Anyone who knows their money's worth and just wants to easily store all of their backyard party material into one secure storage box can purchase it to ease the burden off their shoulders.


  • ​Large storage capacity 
  • ​Heavyweight withholding capacity
  • ​UV protection
  • ​Lockable lid


  • ​It cannot be used as an indoor storage compartment


AmazonBasics Deck Storage Box

​We have seen a lot of positive reviews for this product calling out the unique color that can align with any set of patio furniture and the small capacity that is just perfect to the seating cushions and the gardening supplies.

The comfortability of this deck box calls for applause from our side, and the fact that it is made with plastic that is weather-resistant and lasts almost a lifetime is just extraordinary.

The comfort level it generates for you as it is easily accessible can be cleaned with just a wipe and has the perfect storage space for all your gardening supplies, cushions, and your children's toys are the indicator of a product worth your money.

Bottom Line

​If you have a lot of gardening supplies or an enormous pile of outdoor toys for your kids that you just want to store outside, so they don't bring in any form of dust, then this deck box is perfect for you.


  • ​Durable
  • ​Extreme protection to products inside
  • ​1-year warranty
  • ​Easy to clean


  • ​Small size


Suncast 22- Gallon Small Deck Box

​The unique color that this handy storage box entails has become an all-time favorite. We loved this deck box for its style as well as functionality; it can store multiple things at one time and is easy to clean.

Its amazing ability to store a range of products from yard work supplies to seating cushions and toys while maintaining its integrity as a seating space as a generous and comfortable seating space has us wholly smitten over it.

The perfect storing space with ease of cleaning and doubling as a comfortable seating space helped make this a great product as it delivers nothing but excellence.

Bottom Line

​If you struggle with objects that belong outside like grill supplies and patio cushions and sports equipment, then look no further as this Suncast deck box is here to solve all of your problems.


  • ​Weather-resistant
  • ​Fading and rust-resistant
  • ​Versatile storing space
  • ​Unique color


  • ​Small capacity only


Keter 55 Gallon Brown Deck Box

​The stylish Keter deck box is made with weather-resistant poly plastic so that it will retain its fresh look even after years of use. The rattan style-based deck box is one of its kind as we have only seen basic designs in the other sets.

The option to add a pinch of style to your patio furniture set and make the entire scene look fresh and classy just became possible with this Keter 55 gallon deck box. It has the ability to double as a table to hold any heavy supplies like grills, so it saves your money from every aspect.

The sturdy construction makes this deck box a viable option for storage, sitting area, and to replace a table. It can stylishly hold a considerable amount of weight on it without producing even a dent.

Bottom Line

​If you want your deck box to stand out and represent a fashionable sitting space, then you should definitely give it a go. It gives extra storage space to people trying to store accessories in separate compartments.


  • ​55-gallon capacity
  • ​Medium storage space
  • ​Elegant design
  • ​Maintains structural integrity under strenuous conditions


  • ​Slightly expensive


Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

​If you have a ton of stuff and no storage space inside the house, then this extremely large sized deck box can sort all of your problems while maintaining a stylish two-tone look. The lockable lid with the 10-year warranty can soothe your conscience by providing you a sense of security for your products as well as your money.

The high-density polyethylene plastic used in the construction of this deck box makes it extraordinarily sturdy. It brings the strength to hold the weight of heavier objects as well as multiple people at the same time. The large storage capacity and its look make this deck box the perfect addition to your outdoor set-up.

Bottom Line

​We understand the struggle of shopaholics and even fashion enthusiasts who want everything in their house from the backyard to their front yard to be in perfect shape and style. With this deck box, you can make your house look classy at an affordable price.


  • ​Extra-large storage capacity
  • ​10-year warranty
  • ​Two-shade stylish design
  • ​Lockable lid


  • ​A little heavy to move around


Suncast 99- Gallon Mocha Deck Box

​The unique color of this deck box makes it a favorable option for people who like to align all of their furniture and color code it. The stylish design does not in any way hinder its functionality.

It is constructed with lockable lid and vertical moving hinges to open the lid in the opposing direction. The box makes sure no amount of water or dust can ever reach your valuables. Not to mention that this deck box is exceptionally lightweight so that it can be transferred around the house easily.

We do not encounter many deck boxes that have so many variables that appease the customer in such a low-price range.

Bottom Line

​This deck box does not take up a lot of space in the backyard and doesn't look anything out of the ordinary. Because of its elegant design and color, you can even add this deck box to increase sitting space in your living area.


  • ​99-gallon storage capacity
  • ​Beautiful color coating
  • ​Rust resistant


  • ​Prone to denting if subjected to sudden strain


Keter Novel Deck Box

​The 90-gallon deck box with 21.6 inches length and 24.8 inches width not only makes an ideal box for storing your accessories but also accounts for comfortable seating, almost challenging the comfort of a sofa.

The paint on it has an ultraviolet protection coating that does not let the paint whither under the harsh sunlight. The water-resistant coating helps protect the box from rust, so it looks as good as new for many years to come.

You can store anything from your grilling equipment to sports supplies as it promises to protect your valuables from the dust and mold from the outside with utmost concentration.

Bottom Line

​The resin construction material, the lockable lid, and weather protection coatings make this Keter deck box the most durable of all, and that is why it has been appreciated by a broad audience.


  • ​Large size
  • ​UV protection coating
  • ​Rust resistant
  • ​Durable plastic construction
  • ​Lockable lid


  • ​Slightly heavy
  • ​A little expensive


Keter Westwood Large Deck Box

​The most appealing aspect of this deck box is the hydraulic pistons instead of metal hinges that open quickly and close at a slow speed. This ensures that you don't hurt your fingers, and the kids can operate it without any extra help.

The durable polypropylene plastic used in its construction protects it from any type of rust and peeling effect even after years of service under continuous exposure to sunlight, dust, and rain.

We loved the extra-large storage capacity as it can be converted into various compartments to store multiple things separately and safely. The lockable lid enables the extra security option to erase any worries of our valuables being destroyed by kids.

Bottom Line

​This is a durable deck box with plenty of good features. The hydraulic pistons make it accessible for even the kids to reach out to their sports accessories without nagging anyone or hurting themselves


  • ​150-gallon storage
  • ​Hydraulic pistons
  • ​Supports weight up to 660 lbs
  • ​Durable polypropylene plastic


  • ​Slightly heavier
  • ​Takes up a lot of space in the garage

Buyer's Guide

​Like every other product in the market, there are a lot of variations in deck boxes as well. In order to purchase the best deck box that can fit all of your patio accessories into one storage space easily, you need to understand the difference between them.

One primary reason why people turn to buy these boxes specifically is that they also double as a seating space when required. Now you cannot offer your guests a cramped space to sit if the deck box is too uncomfortable or can bend under pressure.

To find the best deck box with the highest quality features material, read this buying guide, where we have elaborately discussed several aspects that makes a deck box the best deck box.

​About Deck Boxes

Before jumping on to the conclusion and blindly reading over the aspects critically evaluated below, let's understand the true nature and purpose of a deck box. We accept that everyone always requires extra space to store the things we place outdoors. 

So, the deck box came into being to solve this particular problem as well as a few more. It allows you to store things such as cushions outside as well without worrying about them getting ruined. You can easily store them in a deck box and place it in the backyard as well so you can conveniently take them out whenever you deem fit. 

Deck Boxes Buying Guide

Secondly, the issue regarding extra seating space for when we have friends and family over has been a dilemma for most homeowners. The deck box solves that as well, a medium-sized deck box can provide the space for up to three people to sit comfortably and enjoy nature all around us.

After hours of scouring through the internet, we selected these features to judge a deck box based on excellence only. To purchase a deck box worth your hard-earned money, you need to understand the features discussed below.

​Storage Capacity

​The ideal storage capacity that you need can only be evaluated by you because everyone has a different amount and various sizes of accessories for their patio furniture. These deck boxes are built in three volumes of varying dimensions.

The ideal size is the medium that fits cushions and other accessories for a small set of patio furniture and still holds enough room. So, you can easily purchase new accessories anytime you want and not have to worry about storing them.

If you love to get comfortable with a lot of cushions and like to accessorize your patio with decorative objects but want storage space for rainy days or for when you travel, you should opt for the larger sized deck box.


​The material used for the construction accounts for the quality and the time it will be able to endure the roughness of nature. It also determines how many people it will be able to support while completing its role as extra seating space.

If the deck box is made with some low-quality plastic, it might break under the minimal strain, or twigs might come out of it, making it the worst choice for seating. Secondly, if it is constructed with a thin layer of constructive material, it will not prove to be a good storage space. This is because it will not be able to endure any harsh climate conditions, no matter how many layers of resistant coating, the company puts on it.


​The weight of the product matters because it changes the carrying capacity of the deck box. If the box is heavy, the mobilization process gets challenging to handle. So, its working capacity as an extra seating space just becomes a burden as it becomes difficult to move from one place to another.

The type and amount of material used in its construction come in play here as the heavier the material used, the heavier the box will get. Look for a sturdy yet a lightweight option.


Any area becomes suitable for seating guests when it is comfortable enough to rest for at least half an hour. For a deck box to be comfortable enough, the plastic material in its construction should be soft enough not to cause any discomfort and sturdy enough to hold onto the weight of the people. 

Of course, the comfort level can be increased by the addition of one or two cushions, but the box should have the ability to retain those cushions steady at their place like a bench. 

Deck Boxes Buying Guide

If the upper part of the box has enough strength to become a bench and is soothing enough to sit on, they can work as replacement patio furniture.

​Ease of Use

​Now a deck box needs to be easy to use so the burden can be uplifted from your shoulders. If the process of opening and closing the box is complicated in itself, then the stress does not get eliminated.

The practicality can be increased by using a self-supporting lid. Moreover, if there are different compartments inside the box to sort out accessories regarding their categories, that will be helpful as well.


​For everything to go hand in hand, it is essential that the deck box must align with the theme of the complete set of patio furniture. It should not be shaped oddly or styled in a color that sets it out and makes it clash with the aesthetic sense of the whole area.


​A Deck Box is acquired by homeowners to solve the issue of a safe space for cushions and outdoor accessories where they can stay safe from any strays or harsh weather conditions. It addresses the inconvenience faced by any owner by being sturdy enough to be placed outside. But to save our valuables, it should have a lock and other safety features.


Deck Boxes Byuing Guide

We have discussed earlier that the material used in construction is vital for the product to last a long time and be worth the hard-earned money of the buyer.

Another factor that makes these deck boxes more durable than any other piece of furniture and helps them survive hours under the sun, dirt, and extreme rainfall is the layers of coating on the plastic.

There should be proper layers of these resistant chemicals, that are not in any way toxic to humans so that the product can outlast every other furniture.


​The box, however durable, has a limited ability to withstand the troubles of nature. If you live in an area where you have to endure frequent rainfalls or dust storms, a cover for the deck box helps a great deal in maintaining the integrity of the box for a more extended period.

The sheets that fit precisely the model of the deck box that you have are rare to find, so if you can cash on the opportunity to purchase it with the box, you should do so.


​Everything seems to come down to just this one aspect for people who live from cheque to cheque every month. Almost everyone cannot afford to buy any luxury item without considering its price.

The prices of these boxes fluctuate in terms of sizes and style, and if you are stuck on buying the perfectly stylish box that will align with the rest of the setting, then you might have to pay a little bit more.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. Do these deck boxes completely protect any accessories from dirt and water?

A. Yes! These deck boxes provide a cover to your belongings from any dirt and water. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, and that is the sole reason why it can be left outside under the sky.

​Q. Can this deck box be used as a makeshift table for an outdoor party?

A. It is possible to use the deck box as a table as well, with a holding tablecloth, no one will recognize its true nature. But be sure not to put more burden than it can bear, so it doesn't break as it is not built to support heavy objects.

​Final Verdict

​To enjoy a wholesome break in a fancy yet comfortable backyard, without worrying about the cleanliness of the cushions and storage issues, you need to get the best deck boxes.

Thanks to these affordable and convenient pieces of furniture, you can have a BBQ party or invite people over for brunch in the backyard without having to buy any extra seating.

The deck boxes reviewed above provide you with extreme comfort while alleviating your worries about the durability in this crazy market as these boxes will last a lifetime.

Here's to a beautiful, comfortable deck!