Best Ductless Air Conditioners

​Looking for the best ductless air conditioners that you can find in the market? Look no further, for you have come to the right place!

Nobody likes hot, humid weather conditions where tempers are on a rise and there is sweat everywhere. Don't worry, with the help of air conditioners; you can control the temperature of your homes, offices, and classrooms, making the environment peaceful and calm.

With the help of ductless air conditioners, you can lower the temperature, all the while keeping installation and running costs minimum.

If you are new to this domain of air conditioning systems, you must be confused and wondering about the features and specs to consider before buying a unit that will help you achieve a good night's sleep.

Go through the reviews of the top 10 best ductless air conditioners that we have chosen for you. Moreover, we have put together a compact yet comprehensive buying guide for you that will eliminate any questions and doubts that you might have about ductless air conditioners.

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Our Overall #1 Recommended Product

MrCool Advantage Ductless Split System
  • ​24,000 BTU
  • ​SEER: 17
  • ​Remote Controlled
  • ​Wi-Fi Compatible

Top 10 ​​ductless air conditioners Comparison Chart

Detailed Reviews of the 10 Best ​​​ductless air conditioners


MRCOOL Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump System

​This unique and smart Air Conditioner and Heat Pump System has Wi-Fi control. You can control your device through any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Not only this, but it also works with your Google Assistant or Alexa.

It also has an auto-restart feature, and it will restart it in no time. Its installation is very easy and quick. It comes with a connection line of 25 ft. The ductless air conditioner has a Gold fin condenser that is corrosion free and is very durable.

The DC inverter has updated technology that will ensure its efficiency. When you turn the cool mode on, it will decrease the temperature by 2°F after the interval of every one hour. When you turn heat mode on, it will increase the temperature by 2°F after the interval of every one hour.

Bottom Line

​The air conditioner has a sleep mode that will help it to turn off automatically. In case of any problem, it will ring an alarm to prevent you from any kind of damage. It will work efficiently in an area of 500 sq. Feet.


  • ​Compatible with both Alexa and Google's assistant
  • ​Also has a sleep mode
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Has  five years warranty


  • ​​It is expensive


Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump

​This Air Conditioner and Mini Split Heat Pump has DC inverter technology that ensures efficient use of energy. It will set the temperature of your room according to the time requirement. Its cooling capacity is sufficient, which is 12000 BTU/H and has an efficiency of 17.5 SEER.

The required voltage for proper functioning is 208V – 230 V. The frequency is 60 Hz. The whole package of the system consists of a ductless indoor unit and outdoor unit, remote controller, and installation kit that will help you in the installation of this DC inverter Air Conditioner.

It has an indoor temperature setting range of 62-90°F. It has a low heat setting temperature of 46°F. The outdoor ambient range for cooling mode is 32-122°F, and for heating, the mode is 5-86°F. The amazing part of this DC inverter Air Conditioner is that all of its parts are tested and verified by ETL.

Bottom Line

​This air conditioner has a very unique and flat surface with an LED display to display the information. It also an automatic mode that will allow its automatic operation.


  • ​Ductless indoor unit
  • ​Good cooling and heating capacity
  • ​LED display
  • ​Noiseless operation


  • ​Consumes relatively high power


Senville SENL-09CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

​This model of Senville is not only an Air Conditioner but is a 4-in-1 in one set. It provides you services of Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Turbo Function, and Dehumidifier. All of these qualities can be found in a single device.

It works for every type of room, whether it is your office, garage, or your bedroom. You can install it very easily. It does not make any noise during its work and works quietly. The ductless air conditioner comes with a warranty of 5 years that ensures its durability.

The installation kit is also included in the package of the product, and it has communication cable and copper lines too. Moreover, you get a remote control that ensures smooth functioning according to your desire.  

Bottom Line

​All the components of this product use updated technology. It has washable filters that allow you to wash them whenever required. The air conditioner distributes in your room evenly.


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Comes with installation kit
  • ​Remote controlled
  • ​Functions as a Dehumidifier as well


  • ​It requires professional installation for smooth working


Klimaire Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner

​This product has DC inverter technology. It has a high efficiency of 19 SEER. The package includes an indoor and outdoor unit, remote control, installation kit, and all the required connection cables.

The built-in compressor heater ensures its proper functioning and efficiency. Moreover, it also has a gold fin that will protect it from corrosion. The indoor unit has smooth functioning with noise level as low as 25 dB.

The coverage area for this is 1000 sq. ft. It has low ambient heating and has a feature of cooling down till 5 degrees F. The ductless air conditioner comes with a sleep mode as well. It has self-cleaning technology with turbo functions. The outdoor unit has improved technology and is pre-charged.

Bottom Line

​This ductless air conditioner has a design that will protect the unit from freezing. The fan speed is selected automatically according to the working mode you have selected.


  • ​5 years warranty
  • ​Self-cleaning technology
  • ​High Efficiency
  • ​Affordable


  • ​The installation needs to be done professionally


Daikin Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner

​This model is an updated model of Daikin. It has new technology and ensures noise-free functioning. This ensures a peaceful environment in your room or office. It works for nearly every kind of room, i.e., basements, garages, rooms, and offices, etc.

It has very easy controls and has an affordable price. Since it is a wall-mounted Air Conditioner, it does not require extra space. The air through this air conditioner is always filtered because it contains an air purifying filter and Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic filter. Hence, this will keep the atmosphere of your room clean for you.

It has a powerful operation mode that will boost the cooling process for 20 minutes when enabled.

Bottom Line

​Daikin Ductless air conditioner also has a hydrophilic coated fin that ensures the movement of condensed water smoothly. It has a remote control and a variety of modes for proper functioning according to your desire.


  • ​Has an air filtration mode
  • ​Ensures noise-free functioning
  • ​Easy to control
  • ​Easy to install


  • ​The indoor unit needs cleaning after every 3-4  weeks


MrCool Advantage Ductless Split System

​This product has an amazing feature of Wi-Fi control that is not present in most of the Air Conditioners. It requires 220 volts of power for its operation. The air conditioner comes with a one-year warranty on the compressor and two years warranty for other parts.

The package also includes a remote control that helps you change the settings on the air conditioner. The Wi-Fi smart kit is also included. Installation needs to be done by a professional technician. It is a 3rd generation product that has improved technology.

The efficiency of the air conditioner is 19 SEER. It works noiselessly and doesn't disrupt the peace of your rooms. It has high efficiency and smooth working.

Bottom Line

​This product also does not compromise on environmental standards and has chlorine-free refrigeration. It is also compatible with your Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • ​High efficiency
  • ​Wi-Fi control
  • ​Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • ​Chlorine-free refrigeration


  • ​It is expensive


DAIKIN Ductless Mini-Split A/C

​This Ductless Mini-Split AC has a high-efficiency rate of 17 SEER. It also has a remote control and 15 feet installation kit. The air conditioner can work perfectly in an area of 150 square feet. It has a turbo mode for its cooling and heating system.

Moreover, it also saves energy. It promotes a smooth function and ensures the least fluctuation in temperatures. In this way, it ensures the peace of your mind. The noise level is 37 dB.  The product comes with advanced filtration technology. It works for every kind of room, whether it is a bedroom, offices, garages, etc.

Bottom Line

​This product is popular among the users due to its efficiency and durability that is ensured by the company. It has a ten-year warranty for its parts. The company also provides technical support, which is free of cost.


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Has auto filtration technology
  • ​Remote controlled


  • ​Its noise level is high as compared to other products


MrCool Ductless Heat Pump Split System

​MrCool Ductless air conditioner can be operated by your tablet and smartphone using an internet connection. It also has a remote control that makes its use easy. The product comes with a 25 feet installation kit.

It requires 230 volts for its smooth functioning. This product requires an HVAC technician for its installation. It is user friendly and has an affordable price. It is also environmentally friendly.

The product ensures the clean and healthy atmosphere of your room so that you can have rest or sleep peacefully. The noise level of this product is too low, which means it does not compromise the peace of your mind at all.

Bottom Line

​It comes with an amazing leakage detection feature and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant as well. All in all, it is a great ductless air conditioner.


  • ​Comes with a warranty
  • ​Low noise level
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Smooth operation


  • ​Its installation is difficult, and the technician charges too much


Senville Mini Split Air Conditioner

​The updated technology of this product ensures its smooth functioning with the least amount of power required. It has a great system that works both as an air conditioner and a heat pump. It is great for every kind of room, whether it is a bedroom, office, garage, or living room.

The air conditioner has a very low noise level and has a quiet operation because of the whisper-quiet technology present in it. It works in every weather, and the outside temperature does not affect its functioning. This air conditioner comes with energy star certification that ensures your power bills will stay low.

Bottom Line

​This product will serve you round the year, no matter how harsh the weather is. It comes with a remote control that makes its use easier. You can't go wrong with this one.


  • ​Low noise level
  • ​High Efficiency
  • ​Remote controlled
  • ​4-in-1 system


  • ​It requires professional installation


Della Mini Split Air Conditioner Ductless Inverter System

​Della 12000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner is very energy efficient. It prevents energy loss and ensures smooth functioning. It has a high efficiency of 17 SEER. The product runs at a low power of 115 volts and has a frequency of 60 Hz.

You can use it both for residential and commercial use. All the parts are tested and have AHRI certification. It can work as a heat pump and a dehumidifier as well. The air conditioner comes with a self-cleaning feature too. It also has an auto-defrost feature.

Bottom Line

​The smart control will sense your room temperature and adjust its settings according to the requirement. The operation is virtually noise-free. It can work for the room having an area of 750 sq. ft.


  • ​Comes with a temperature sensor
  • ​Noiseless operation
  • ​Low power consumption
  • ​Smooth functioning


  • ​The instructions are not easy to understand

Buyer's Guide

​With so many varieties present in the market, it becomes difficult to choose just one system that could work for the entire house and probably solve all of your temperature problems.

To buy the perfect one that will be able to fulfill your demand for complete coverage can be a little tricky. To help you with that, we have created this list of aspects that you must consider before breaking out your wallet.

Just give it a good read, and it will give you enough knowledge to make a confident decision.

​About Ductless Air Conditioners

​Before jumping on to which air conditioning system to adopt for your household, it is always better to do a little research about their pros and cons. So, to discuss the pros, cons, and features of ductless air conditioners, we have dedicated this small segment of our blog to help create awareness.

Let's see how ductless air conditioners differ from other air conditioners and exactly how these ductless units work better. We are also going to discuss what to expect when you buy such a unit and what exactly do they entail.

The main feature that differentiates ductless air conditioners from other systems is the efficiency ratio and power usage. A lot of cooling/heating is lost in duct systems, and often we see a slight reduction in efficiency with an abnormal increase in electricity usage.

 In these ductless air conditioning systems, you don't have to worry about duct energy losses.

We can confirm a significant decrease in your electricity bills after getting these units because their systems do not require as much power as other systems and can be turned off individually as needed.

The basic unit consists of an outdoor and an indoor device that needs to set up close, and both function together in harmony to give you the best possible output. The system can be installed efficiently with minimal help if you do not have a lot of technical skills.

We have created this list of features to consider before buying a ductless air conditioner after scouring through the internet for hours. So, you can trust our judgment and spend your money on a worthwhile object.

​Room size

Ductless Air Conditioners Buyer Guide

​The foremost concern of a person spending their precious money to buy a room cooling unit is if it will be able to transfer cold air into every nook and cranny.

In the case of ductless air conditioners, there are variations in sizes and capacity of compressors.

For a room of up to 250 sq. feet, a regular one-ton ductless air conditioner will work fine. Always talk to your provider about the room size the AC would work for efficiently.

​Cooling capacity

​The cooling capacity of a ductless AC is determined by a lot of aspects. Let's discuss them one by one.

  1. 1
    Compressor size - The compressor is the central component of the AC that converts regular air into cold air with the help of a cooling agent. The larger the compressor capacity, the more area your AC unit will be able to cover.
  2. 2
    Cooling Agent - The second most important factor is the cooling agent used in the unit. Most of the time, it is the CFC gas, but newer models have reported using CFC free cooling agents. You might have to get the gas checked once every year to make sure there is no leakage.

    If there is no leakage, your AC will work at its maximum capacity, but if by chance a leak has occurred, it can be taken care of.
  3. 3
    The temperature of the surrounding - The third point which affects the cooling ability is the outdoor temperature of your area. The hotter the room is, the longer it will take to cool down. So, if you live in a very hot area, you should get a ductless air conditioner that considers this factor.

​Air conditioning systems

​The ductless air conditioners come with two systems.

  • ​Inverter AC
  • ​Split AC

​The difference between both these kinds is the regulator of the compressor. The regular split AC's compressor runs on a constant speed that you set by controlling the temperature through your remote.

The DC inverter AC has a variable frequency range and controls the compressor to work efficiently by reducing power usage at times of optimal temperature in the room.


​The design of the indoor unit matters to those who like to maintain the aesthetic quality of their living spaces. An AC should never look like a piece of plastic sticking to your wall and throwing out cold air.

Rather, it should have a certain elegance and structure to itself, so it completes the look of the room instead of standing out as a piece of unbridled technology. Luckily, there are multiple color choices for you to choose from in almost every model so you can match it with your room furniture or wallpapers.

Voltage requirements

The electricity consumption of a ductless air conditioning system depends upon the time of usage and the level of output you need it to deliver. If you subject the AC to constant lower temperatures, then the bill is going to jump high.

Another point that factors in is the power of the compressor; the heavier compressor, the more power it will utilize. But under ideal conditions, these ductless air conditioners use less voltage and energy than other air conditioning systems.


You must subject your unit to regular maintenance if you want to keep it in optimal condition. There are different degrees of maintenance a ductless air conditioning system needs; one is proper cleaning of its washable pre-filters.

The second type of maintenance is required once a year, where you check the cooling agent and the condition of the compressor and deep clean the filters. 

Ductless Air Conditioners Maintenance

This type of cleaning will detect any damage in its early stages, so you will not have to for replacements.

Multiple modes

The most advanced air conditioners come with various functional modes. Most of them can be controlled with remote control. The compressors of various air conditioning systems are designed to function as heaters as well, so your unit can be put to use throughout the year.

You can also control the spread and direction of the cold air with moveable wings of the air conditioner.

Filtration method

The air conditioner supplies cold air to the environment in a specific direction with the help of wings. In certain instances, the air that is coming in as well as the air immediately to the indoor unit has some airborne dust particles that can enter the central system of the AC and cause substantial damage.

To prevent corrosion and any other damages, there are filters at both ends of the central system of the air conditioning system. There are many layers of filters in the unit, and most of them are self-maintained. Still, the outermost filter that is on the forefront against mold and dust particles needs regular and proper cleaning to ensure the cycle of the perfect supply of cold air.


Like everything else, air conditioning systems are also subjected to affordability. People prefer ductless air conditioners because they are cost-effective. The division in technological advancements is also present here, where the older split AC's are priced moderately, and the newer DC inverter AC's have a slightly higher price tag.

Just keep an eye on your budget and then buy a product that suits your needs instead of going for the priciest unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. What is the difference between an inverter and a non-inverter split AC?

A. An inverter AC works on the principle of varying frequency range and decides the activation of compressor function at times when there is an absolute need to set the temperature of the room. The split AC systems compressor continuously runs until unless it is shut down manually through the remote control.

​Q. Does the outdoor system need to be placed near the indoor system?

A. The outdoor and the indoor unit need to be connected through a duct, but they don't need to be placed near each other.

​Q. Do these systems work efficiently for a large room?

​A. For a larger area to be efficiently and instantly cooled, you will need an air conditioner with a heavier compressor model. You might have to set the temperature a little below the optimal range, but they can cool down larger rooms.


​After reading the detailed information explained in the article, you must be ready to switch to these creatively efficient ductless air conditioning systems. In this economy, everyone needs a helping hand in terms of bills and a soothing atmosphere after a full day of work.

These cost-effective, budget-friendly best ductless air conditioners reduce your electricity bill and provide you the perfect calm and cold ambiance so you can spend your leisure time efficiently. The bonus point of separate systems for every room ends all the conflicts and fights and puts everyone in-charge of controlling the temperature in their own spaces.

Happy Cooling, Folks!