Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

​Looking for the best space heater for large rooms? You have come to the right place! Imagine coming home after a tiring day, your hands freezing from the cold air outside, and all you wish in that particular moment is to find a warm room and a comfortable sofa. Well, a good space heater can help provide you with the most comfortable environment, that too at an affordable price.

Not only this, but the space heaters are also known to produce more heat at a relatively less cost; they are also very quiet, which means that you don't have to be irritated by the constant noise that heating fans produce.

We have reviewed the top 10 best space heaters for large rooms available in the market. They all come with their specific features, pros, and cons. You can even compare them against each other to see which model best fits your needs.

Not only this, but these descriptions are also followed by a thorough buying guide that includes all the information you will need to make an informed decision.

So without further ado, let's get started!

Our Overall #1 Recommended Product

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater
  • ​Auto power-saving mode
  • ​Large Heating  Capacity
  • ​Remote Controlled
  • ​Easy to install

Top 10 ​Space Heaters for Large Rooms Comparison Chart

Detailed Reviews of the 10 Best ​Space Heaters for Large Rooms

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Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

​This product is one of the most advanced and convenient electric heaters found in the market. With its high-tech features of automatic heat setting and adjustable thermostat, it not only makes the room suitable for individuals but also helps in keeping the electricity costs low.

It is easy to use. The digital display keeps you aware of the conditions in the room. The remote-control gadget component, temperature, time period of the heater to operate from 1-8 hours at regular intervals, airflow in the room can be easily monitored and altered.

Moreover, the safety features of overheat protection prevent the device from overheating if kept on for a long time. The cool touch exterior protects the hand from burning or damaging when touched.

Bottom Line

​If you are searching for an extraordinary product that is affordable, user-friendly and does not require much hassle, then Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater would be the best buy for you as its advanced technology makes it really easy for the consumer to use it without having to stress about overheating, high electricity consumption and damage.


  • ​2 Quiet settings for both high heat and low heat plus an auto setting
  • ​Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius with a convenient digital display meter
  • ​Remote control to operate airflow, temperature, and timer of the heater
  • ​Built-in protective measures


  • ​Heavyweight


Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

​This latest technology Electric heater is swift, strong, and efficient. The swaying fan heater uses a forced-fan movement to provide heat as it moves from one side to another quickly and evenly heating an entire place while keeping the temperature steady.

Apart from this, another feature that makes this product different from other products is its built-in overheat prevention sensor and automatic secure characteristic, which removes power to the unit if it is by mistake tipped over.

The device is ETL certified and has an automatic shutoff system, which allows you to set the timer in advance on its digital temperature display and leave it on its own to maintain the temperature of the room.

The energy-saving eco mode keeps the heat output cost-efficient while its ceramic body prevents releasing too much heat. Moreover, it is also lightweight and portable so it can be transported anywhere.

Bottom Line

​Anyone looking for an affordable, cost-efficient, portable, and high-tech room heating device, then this Comfort Zone Oscillating Heater is the best option for them. Its advanced characteristics will give you a peaceful and warm night’s sleep without having to worry about overheating, high electricity consumption, or any damages to you and your surroundings.


  • ​Fast oscillating fans
  • ​In-built timer
  • ​Lower energy costs
  • ​Portable and lightweight


  • ​A bit expensive than all other devices with the same type of characteristics


Give Best Portable Electric Space Heater

​This electric space heater is a manually operated device that turns on by moving the knob to the right side. It can operate at both 750 and 1500 watts, and this can be adjusted by hand to fulfill the requirements of the room.

The adjustable thermostat is 0F to -158F. With PTC ceramic heating and high-speed fan, this device can warm an area of 200 sq. ft in a short time. It is really cost-effective when heating a small or area rather than central heating systems. Also, it is soundproof.

It is a small, portable heater. It is easy to move around; you could take it to different rooms, your office, or on a trip up the hills. 120V heater has a six feet long cord, and two large connection fits, making its connectivity rather easy.

The heater has a built-in auto-shutoff feature, which enables it to turn itself off when overheating to protect the device from damaging and causing destruction.

Bottom Line

​This electric space heater is one of the best portable room heating devices out there in the market. Portability, durability, and cost-effectiveness are its primary features reinforced by its automatic shutoff feature to prevent it from overheating itself and the room even though it is a manually operated device.

This device also comes with a reliable one-year warranty by the company, making it a must buy and the best product out there for you, our valuable consumers.


  • ​Easy to control device
  • ​Portable, lightweight and durable
  • ​Energy efficient
  • ​Safe heater with automatic sensors


  • ​Manual operation


Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

​This device is enabled with the high-quality features of tip-over protection and overheat prevention. It can heat a large space with its high and low thermostat characteristics and an auto power-saving mode.

It also has two automatic heating systems reinforced with infrared quartz tube and twelve hours auto-sensor turn off timer feature. Apart from this, it has an infrared remote control pointed directly at the receiver. The high-pressure, low sound blower with the sound level at 39 decibels makes it super quiet & completely suitable for bedrooms.

Electronic temperature, displayed digitally on the device, has a range of about 50-86-degree Fahrenheit. Enlaced with caster wheels and a lifetime durable filter, this device also has a 72-inch-long cord with it and operates at 1500watts of energy-consuming 12.5 Amps of electricity.

Bottom Line

​If you are in search of one of the most reliable products that is equipped with high safety features, is cost-effective, easy to clean, and easy to operate, this long-lasting room heating device is one of the best products we would recommend to you.


  • ​Auto power-saving mode
  • ​Capacity to heat up to a large area
  • ​Infrared remote controlled reinforced automated device
  • ​Equipped with all the necessary equipments needed to install


  • ​Due to increased demand, temporarily a low quantity of products available


Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

​This Lasko heater has three modes of heating that include high heat, low heat, and fan only, which makes this electric device the most suitable for heating an area in your home or workplace. This product does not have remote control and is good for small areas.

It has an alterable thermostat that allows modifying the 1500-watt device into 11 different temperatures suitable for you and your place. The heating device is extremely portable as its carry handle enables it to be moved around freely.

The heating coverage is about 300 sq. Ft. Built-in automatic shut off feature protects the device from overheating even if in use for long periods. Moreover, it has a cool-touch exterior that enables its body to stay cool even after prolonged usage. Fully assembled, it just takes a matter of time to bring it into work.

Bottom Line

​One of our personal favorites, we would recommend this device to anyone who wants a durable, long-lasting, advanced, reliable machine. Easy to move, easy to use this device also wouldn't feel like a burden on anyone's pocket as it is available at a low cost.


  • ​Three quiet settings
  • ​Convenient to handle
  • ​Adjustable temperature
  • ​Built-in preventive measures


  • ​Due to increased demand, not many units are available in the market temporarily


Oscillating Space Heater

​The space heater can fit anywhere at any time, on a table or beside the bed, and it is also really easy to use. It has a power button on its back, and after using the ON/OFF switch on the top, it does not make its presence felt as it emits a sound of 45 decibels, making it almost soundless.

This heater is made up of high-quality PTC ceramic. Its in-built safety features turn off the device automatically after getting overheated or rolled over. Made with the intention of a long-serving lifetime, its high thermal competence is what makes it stand above the rest.

 It has a wide auto angle movement and a 1-second heating feature. Sleek design and three different temperature modes, including high heat, low heat, and natural wind, make it your all-weather friend.

Bottom Line

​It is a great choice for your family and friends as it fulfills all the requirements a modern and efficient heater should fulfill. This includes safety measures to keep you safe, low noise to keep you from being disturbed, different thermostats for different weathers, and all-round oscillation effect.


  • ​Compatible and easy to move
  • ​Useful and convenient settings
  • ​Built-in safety measures
  • ​Low noise


  • ​Not efficient in large rooms or places


Mueller Portable Heater

​This heating device is perfect for any place in the winter season and frosty nights. It emits a sound of 50 decibels, which is a low intensity of noise, not disrupting the comfort of anyone. It is also perfect for any place as its light weight makes it portable.

 The modifiable thermostat can be altered into 11 different temperatures to make it a worthwhile experience for anyone using it at any potency of cold. It is a powerful device, therefore, making it more efficient. This heater is also equipped with safety measures, but what makes it unique is that it turns off automatically after the heater reaches 80 degrees C to avoid any unfortunate incident.  

This is a superior quality heating device not only because of the material from which it is made but also because it is extremely powerful and has condescending traits.

Bottom Line

​If you are a person who wants an affordable, high quality, low noise, and portable device, then, fortunately, for you, this is the right place, as this product is made just for you. At this cost, this is one of the best deals you could get out there in the market.


  • ​50 decibels low noise
  • ​Superior quality both in and out
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Reinforced with precautionary measures
  • ​Adjustable thermostat


  • ​It creates a rather greater sound than its competitors


Indoor Electric Space Heater

​This electric heater is equipped with modern eco-technology, which sets a range up to 60F-90F. When the temperature in the room reaches near this point, the device turns itself off automatically. It then turns on by itself when the temperature stoops below 4F of the temperature set in its surroundings by the heating device.

This heater, with its eco-technology, helps in reducing the electricity bills significantly as it does not consume much energy. It has a LED display. It has six setting modes, which include the following 600W/1000W/1500W/ECO/Fan/Freeze. This makes it easy to set the temperature in the room through its display panel. The heater is extremely lightweight (4.18lbs) and portable because of its small dimensions.

It comes with a wide-angle heating feature and timer that can be set up to 0.5-24 hours. It will heat the room up in seconds. It has an automatic turn OFF/ON system set according to the thermostat mentioned above.

It is enforced with tip-over protection and 360 angle tips over switch. For your safety and health, it is also equipped with ETL and CA65 certified, flame-resistant material.

Bottom Line

​This is one of the most updated, well equipped, and advanced electric heaters out in the market, preferably the best choice for anyone who has a taste for good quality. Stylish, sleek, and reinforced with precautionary measures; this is always an all-in-one complete device to keep you and your family cozy without disrupting their peace.


  • ​ECO functional
  • ​Adjustable thermostat
  • ​Exceeding timer function up to 24 hours
  • ​Overheating and 360 tips over protection


  • ​It creates a bit of noise


Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

​Its vortex airflow, without using extreme heat, is what makes this electric heater special. It is best for small to medium-sized rooms, gently heating the whole area without producing excessive heat.

Apart from this, there are many safety features present in the heater, such as an automatic shutoff mechanism when overheated, tip-over protection, and cool-touch exterior to prevent your body from burning when in contact.

The inner thermostat has seven different temperature readings, which will automatically turn off the heater when the room becomes too hot and vice versa. Five years warranty, only applicable in the USA, is given with the device backed by a customer service team for any queries.

Bottom Line

​This device is exclusively made for users living in the USA. If you're a green card holder, then no doubt this is the best product, you'll get in the market. It has a 5-year warranty, three different heating features at different watts, safety tested and enforced with safety tools so that you won't have to be stressed out or be in danger at all times. 


  • ​Efficient and does not overheat the room
  • ​Safety tested and precautionary measures built-in
  • ​5-year warranty
  • ​Saves electricity and electricity bills


  • ​It does not provide a warranty outside the US


Give Best Portable Electric Space Heater

​This space heater has a special design where the grill of the heater covers a large space increasing the heat indulgence by 20%, giving out more heat than all of the other common heaters found out there.

The heater is made out of PTC ceramic, giving it the property of cool touch as it is made up of flame-resistant material. It has a really fast heating system as it heats up to 70F in 3 seconds with reliable technology keeping the temperature at a constant.

The device is really easy to use; there is a knob on top of the heater with which you can easily choose in between excessive or in-excessive heating modes. You can also set the sway of the fan wherever you want.

It is a small size fancy-looking 1500watts electric heater that can be fit in nearly anywhere. It has a sound of 52 decibels. The heater comes with a one-year warranty.

Bottom Line

​This is a really good product for all of the people who desire all-round heating for their room that does not become unbearable at an affordable rate. This ceramic space heater is user friendly, does not consume a lot of energy.

Also, the best part is that it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • ​One-year warranty
  • ​User friendly
  • ​Cost-effective
  • ​Maneuverability and efficient technology
  • ​Lightweight


  • ​It doesn't provide multiple heating options

Buyer's Guide

​With so many reliable products in the market, it is certainly difficult to make a decision right away. Still, it's possible to save some time if you know some of the important factors that you need to consider before buying your ideal product. Here are the three most important ones you need to look at.

​1. Oscillation power

​This also comes in handy because it ensures your room is heated quickly and evenly. This is important because you don't want people in one corner of the room feeling hotter than people sitting in the other corner.

Having better oscillation power also ensures that the heat is rotated evenly in the room, and the fans run at a faster speed. Moreover, in the summer months, you can switch off the heat and use the space heaters as oscillating fans only.

​2. Portability

Space Heaters Buying Guide

Like previously mentioned, portability is a huge benefit of a space heater. The biggest issue people face with the centralized heating system is the limitations of space. They can only be used for that specific room and area and cannot be transferred elsewhere.

With a space heater, that's not the case. They don't require any installation or mounting to the walls, which means you can transfer them to any room in an instant. Moreover, even if you choose a wall-mounted or baseboard heater, you will only have to unmount the heater without spending any time on drilling or removing screws.

​Any person who wants to achieve convenience and comfort will opt for a portable space heater. This makes it easy to use one space heater for multiple rooms. It is also safer to carry them around as they are usually compact and are less likely to fall. Moreover, they are more convenient to install and unmount.

​3. Safety

​If you live alone or with a family, the last thing you want is for your heater to be unsafe. Contrary to what people might think, there are many models out there that are dangerous and can cause a lot of problems.

Space heaters are relatively safer as they come with anti-tip switches that cause the heater to switch off automatically when the room gets warm. This also comes in handy if someone leaves their heat switched on for the night. This switch also ensures that the heater turns itself off if the oxygen levels in the room get too low.

Look for a space heater that comes with various safety features.

​4. Quiet and peaceful

Another major benefit of these space heaters is that they are extremely quiet. This is because they come with a fan that rotates heat silently and efficiently. The quiet and peaceful conventional currents also provide warmth without using too much power. These hence allow you to enjoy a good show or a good book while staying completely warm. You should buy a space heater that makes very little noise.

5. Ease of use

Some space heaters are better at controlling than others, but almost all of them offer some level of control to the user.

They come with options that allow you to change the heat settings as well as the fan speeds.

Moreover, they come with either manual or digital thermostats that not only allow you to switch them off easily but also help in the conservation of energy.

Look for space heaters that have a digital display or remote control, which makes them very easy to use.

Space Heaters Buying Guide

​6. Price

​Unlike other heaters, space heaters are relatively cheaper and hence easier to purchase. They also require little or no setup, which also reduces installation costs. They also save costs by reducing the heating bills for you.

Not only this, if you have a centralized heating system that you switch every now and then to warm a room, but you will also undoubtedly be wasting tons of heat and energy. This is not only uneconomical but also irresponsible, given the current energy crisis in the world. So investing in a space-saving heater is likely to reduce your electricity bills and only heat the room for as long as you wish.

This one is pretty obvious, but a lot of people ignore its importance. There is a circulating myth that only the most expensive space heaters offer efficiency. This is totally false as you can get your hands on an efficient model without spending too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Space heaters for larger rooms are very popular, and with so many products in the market, a person can have a hard time deciding the best one. We will be answering some of the most frequent questions to help you make a choice better.

​Q. How much electricity does your heater use?

A. The cost of electricity that is taken by any space heater is given by kilowatt per hour of the electricity used. In most instances, a space heater can consume up to 1500 kilowatts of energy every day. This is only if the heater is switched on for 24 hours.

​Q. What sized rooms can a large space heater heat?

A. All the models in the review are suitable for larger rooms, but that may also vary from model to model. Making a rough approximation, you would only require around 10 watts of heat for each square foot of the surface area of each room.

So assuming that is a 1500 watt heater, it can warm an area comprising a total of 130-180 square feet.

Q. ​What is BTU, and what does it mean in regards to a space heater?

A. BTU refers to the British thermal unit that is a non-SI traditional unit used for heat. It is also defined as the specific amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of a pound of water by at least one Fahrenheit.

A 1500 watt heater is likely to warm a small space; however, it can produce more than 5100 BTUs of heat in an hour, which can cover large rooms as well.

​Q. Can I leave my space heater on all night?

A. No, ideally, you shouldn't leave your space heater all night. Even though rising technological advancements have made this equipment safer, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, leaving heaters on the whole night can add tremendously to your electricity bill.


​Investing in a new product can be hard, especially if you are tight on budget. But investing in the best space heater for large rooms will prove beneficial both in the short and long run. These are compact, portable, and highly efficient heating equipment that can uplift your mood in an instant. They produce heat at a faster rate so that you can enjoy a comfortable environment at all times.

But before you make this life-altering decision, make sure you understand your own needs. The market today is bombarded by all sorts of products, some are good, and some are perfect. The perfect ones have been thoroughly discussed above. However, you need to always remember that no matter how amazing a product is, if it doesn't suit your needs, you shouldn't invest in it.

So make sure you measure the square feet of your room and then choose an appropriate heater. Moreover, to get the best results, ensure that you compare the pros of each model with its cons, and then choose.

Here’s to staying warm, Folks!